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2666 | Yolanda Morales

In a world where violence is systematized and normalized, three women undergo survival training in a setting of resistance and self-defense. As in a video game, the three dancers take on traits of fictional characters and develop movements that obey algorithms of rhythmic repetition and energetic variation.

For 2666, I sampled a collection of old consoles and game devices and created an archive of game console sounds. Similar to the limited, machine-like movements of the dancers
, I also gave the sound a strictly limited system reduced to 8-bit sounds. These sounds were combined with field recordings I made during night walks in Hamburg. The dramaturgy and arrangement of the sound was then created in the rehearsal room with choreography and dance together. The sound was complemented by the singer and sound performer THORD1S. In the end, a soundtrack was created, which we presented live in a 4.1 sound installation on location. The audience sits inside the installation. By controlling the speakers directly, I am also able to let the sound wander in the room, which further intensifies the feeling of uncertainty and immersion in the piece. No one can escape the system.

PREMIERE: July 4/5, 2019 / Limited Edition K3, Kampnagel
Further performances:
Festival Invitation: Tierra Independiente Centro de Gestión Escénica.
19.2.2020 / Museo de Arte Contemporaneo, Oaxaca, Mexico
20.2.2020 / Teatro Locomora, Oaxaca, Mexico
31. 3.2020 / Hauptsache Frei Festival, Kraftwerk Bille, Hamburg, Germany
21.5.2021 / OUTNOW! Festival, Schwankhalle, Bremen
05.11.2022 / IAPAR International Theatre Festival, Pune, India

Concept and Choreography: Yolanda Morales
Dance: Damini Gairola, Ton Bogataj, Yolanda Morales
Live-Sound: Christopher Ramm
Vocals: Thordis M. Meyer
Outside Eyes: Michelle Affolter, Barbara Schmidt-Rohr
Costume: Simone Ballüer
Video & Photography: Daniel Dömölky
Mentoring: Ursina Tossi