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NERVEN | Yolanda Morales

The age of the Anthropocene is past, the prophesied ecological crisis has occurred. Some people have survived the catastrophe. They still remember old signs and narratives, but are in a phase of transition and transformation. But they have developed new abilities with each other: they can create a nervous, highly sensitive, emphatic system in which every sensation, every vibration is shared with everyone else in the room.

For NERVEN, I made field recordings with various insects: The chirping of crickets, the jumps of grasshoppers on thin metal, etc. In addition, there were recordings of the dancers' voices and movements, recordings of brass instruments, and electronics played in analog. The sound world created in a two-month rehearsal process became part of an immersive 4.1. stage installation. Bass shakers installed in the stands extended the audiovisual perception to the sensory level.


Trailer NERVEN

Documentary Portrait of NERVEN / Diana Sanchez


NERVEN in taz