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"If the grass field could speak, it would tell your body to give in all of its weight. If a tiny path could speak, it would tell your feet to stay close one another. If a chair could speak, it would tell your knees to bend, your spine to stretch and your weight to lean on the backrest. […] I give in, I surrender, I float. I trust space and I know it is not a given. Between us there has always been a dialogue."

IMAGINARY INHABITATION is an exploration of inner and outer spaces. A dive into the depths of beholding. A dance short film consisting of five parts, which has been conceptualized and realized in the summer of 2022 by Wiktor Skrzypczak, Marco Merenda and team. On the level of sound, I have tried to let the bodies and objects, spatial lines and intensities of the images, become sound and enter into dialogue. At the same time, emotion, speed and tonality for me are elementary components of music, which in the best case is communication. However... the result is five tracks between ambient, glitch and electronica. Slightly cut up in the video, in full length on Bandcamp.

Episode 1 PW:200494

Episode 2 PW:200494

Episode 3 PW:200494

Episode 4 PW:200494

Episode 5 PW:200494


Wiktor Skrzypczak [Concept, Dramaturgical support]
Marco Merenda [Artistic direction, Dramaturgy, Directing, Texts]
Max Mandery [Co-Dramaturgy, Co-Directing]
Christopher Ramm [Sound]
David Garbi, Etritanë Emini [Video & Editing]
Sujin Lee [Performance]
Cecilia Songini [Voiceover].

Funded by Behörde für Kultur und Medien Hamburg.